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Patsy Vasquez Chavez


I joined the Genealogy Society of Hispanic America–Southern California Chapter in 1995. That year at GSHA-SC’s genealogical conference, in Burbank, I was recruited to be the secretary of the board.


Over the last 26 years, I have served on the board in various positions. I have also served as the

Southern California Chapter representative to the National board several times. I have been doing genealogy research since the mid 1980’s.


I was born in Leadville, Colorado. At a young age, my parents moved, and I was raised in California.


I was always curious about my family and our background. My mother was a storyteller, and she

knew a lot of details about our family. I wanted to know where the details were written down.

There were no written records; so I began to document our family’s genealogy.


On my father’s paternal line, I’m researching Vasquez’s, Romero’s, Salazar’s and many other

names. My paternal Y Haplogroup is Q-M242 and the mtDNA Haplogroup is B-2Y1.


On my mother’s maternal line, I’m researching Sanchez’s, Vasquez’s, Pacheco’s, Gonzalez’s,

Martin’s and many other names. On my maternal, side the paternal Y Haplogroup is Q-M242 and the mtDNA Haplogroup is C-1b11. Both my paternal and maternal lines are from mainly the Northern New Mexico area.


Recently I’ve retired after working over thirty-five years as an accountant for the government. I look forward to having a lot of free time to work on the roadblocks on some of my genealogical lines, time to write more of the family stories, meeting up with family members, doing my painting and doing volunteer work with the genealogy groups.

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