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Lynda (Sena) Kouba


Lynda was born in La Junta, Colorado and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. She and her siblings are first generation Coloradoans. All of her family roots are from New Mexico. She now knows that her Paternal family started their lives, in New Mexico, when her 11th and 10th Great Grandfathers Hernan Martin Serrano I and Hernan Martin Serrano II came with the Juan Onate Expedition in 1598 to New Mexico. In 2016, she and her family learned that their original last name is Martin Serrano and not Sena. This was done by using the Y-DNA tests from two of her brothers.


She joined FACC-GSHA in January of 2016. She was recruited to become the FACC, Secretary and served in that capacity for about one-and-a-half years. She has been tracing her family roots for over thirty-five years. She started her journey because her father Rolando Sena was very interested in knowing more about the Sena family history. He had also told her that he thought their last name was not Sena, but he wasn’t sure what it was.


Lynda graduated from Athens State College, Athens, Alabama on May 27, 1989. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Procurement. She was a Contracting Officer for most of her career; however, she worked in various jobs prior to becoming a Contracting Officer. She worked and retired from the federal government after thirty-five years of government service. She also worked for a total of seven years in private industry. She loves genealogy, reading, working in her yard and doing projects around her home. She is married to Rory Kouba and lives in Pueblo West, Colorado.


She currently serves as the GSHA, Secretary. She continues to work on both her paternal and maternal family history. She never tires in researching her family roots, taking classes and attending various presentation on her New Mexico history.

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