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The Tortilla Quilt, The Tamale Quilt, The Piñata Quilt, The Burrito Boy by Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli

These are four of the books written by Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli.

A review of the first book in a back issue of Noticias para Los Californianos and as a lover of quilts, as well as tortillas, tamales, piñatas and burritos, we could not resist bringing these bilingual children’s books to the attention of our readers. The books contain stories, recipes, and quilt patterns. The books may not still be in print (Quarter-Inch Publishing, 39165 Silktree Drive, Murrieta, California), but copies are available on [].

Unfortunately, I (Lynda Sena Kouba) was not able to find a cover page for the "Burrito Boy Quilt Story."

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