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Genealogical Society of

Hispanic America

Promoting Hispanic Genealogical and Historical

Research and Education Since 1988

The Purpose of the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America (GSHA) is to promote Hispanic genealogical and historical research and education, and to expand awareness and knowledge of Hispanic culture, history and traditions.


     GSHA members have similar and different migration patterns but to most of our members the Rio Grande at one time was in their ancestral path. We hear about it several times in the chronicles of the Camino Real as our ancestors were traveling north from Mexico. The Rio Grande comes alive with our collective history be it Spanish, Mexican, Indigenous or other mixtures. This is why we chose the Rio Grande as the image for our website.

     Rio del Norte was the most common name for the upper Rio Grande. In Mexico, it is known as Rio Bravo del Norte. Historically, the Pueblo and Navajo Peoples also had names for the river before the Spanish arrived in New Mexico. 

     The flow of the Rio Grande is similar to a reverse migration pattern in our Hispanic genealogy. It rises in Colorado and flows through the San Luis Valley, then south into New Mexico, passing through the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos (where the photo on this page was taken). It then continues on a southerly route through the desert cities of Albuquerque, flowing through a number of historic pueblo villages, and on to Las Cruces, El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MX.


     Additionally, rivers symbolize the flow of time, past, present and future, a parallel to what our genealogy society tries to capture. Let us help you find your genealogical past and bring it into the present to preserve for future generations so they know their true heritage. 



 The famous

Rio Grande River 



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