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Martin Serrano Y-700 DNA Trees

Click on the link above to see the Martin Serrano Y-700 DNA pdf chart.  It is from an article in the Spring, 2024 issue of the GSHA journal Nuestras Raices (Our Roots). For more information refer to the article: Y-DNA Has Changed My Family Tree, by Tom J. Martinez.

The chart was created using information from Family Tree DNA

In the chart, there are men in dotted boxes, who have tested with the Big Y. The SNPs, such as R-FTE11280, are below the men, and it determines the relationship between two or more men that match with a particular SNP. Having the same SNP means they have a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). A SNP is just a mutation that occurs when a man is born with it. That SNP then is given to every male descendant. Because this has happened for thousands of years virually unchanged SNPs are a very good method of tracing our roots. Every man that is connected to R-FT11280 is a descendant of Luis (I) Martin Serrano, the person who was first born with this mutation.

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