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GSHA Leadership


GSHA is a volunteer-run organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for governance and management of society operations.

2020 GSHA Executive Committee

  • Tom J. Martinez - President

  • Bob Craig - Vice-president

  • Jean Cantu - Secretary

  • Albert Garcia - Treasurer

  • Albert Garcia - Member-at-Large representative

  • Bob Craig - FACC (Pueblo) chapter representative

  • John Martinez - Utah chapter representative

  • Patsy Vasquez - SC (California) chapter representative

GSHA Committee Chairs
  • Journal (Nuestras Raices): Mona Hernandez, Editor

  • Newsletter (Noticias de Nuestras Raices): Vacant

  • Publicity Committee: Roccie Hill

  • Webmaster: David Torres

  • Rules Committee: Jeanette Martinez

Spanish Peaks SC.jpg

The Ute, Comanche, Apache, and other, earlier Native American tribes held the peaks in religious awe and named the mountains Wahatoya, meaning “Breasts of the Earth.”

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