GSHA Leadership


GSHA is a volunteer-run organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for governance and management of society operations.

2019 GSHA Executive Committee
  • Bob Craig - President

  • Roccie Hill - Vice-president

  • Lynda Kouba - Secretary

  • Albert Garcia - Treasurer

  • Arturo Cuellar - Member-at-Large representative

  • Jessica Tidball - FACC (Pueblo) chapter representative

  • John Martinez - Utah chapter representative

  • Patsy Vasquez - SC (California) chapter representative

  • Website committee: Abel Santistevan, Charlene Garcia Simms, Catherine Romero and David Torres

GSHA Committee Chairs
  • Journal (Nuestras Raices): Donie Nelson, Editor

  • Newsletter (Noticias de Nuestras Raices): Donie Nelson, Interim Editor

  • Publicity Committee: ___________?

  • Webmaster: David Torres

  • Assistant Webmaster: Abel Santistevan

  • Rules Committee: Jeanette Martinez

The Ute, Comanche, Apache, and other, earlier Native American tribes held the peaks in religious awe and named the mountains Wahatoya, meaning “Breasts of the Earth.”