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Witch Stores of New Mexico: Folklore of Nueva España by Edmundo R. Delgado (Santa Fe, NM: author)

During the Great Depression of the 1930s the Writer’s Project of the WPA collected short stories in New Mexico and 60 years later the author recompiled and edited the collection. Delgado captures the language of Northern New Mexico—and the stories are told in both English and Spanish.

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Pleas and Petitions: Hispano Culture and Legislative Conflict in Territorial Colorado by Virginia Sánchez (University Press of Colorado, July 2019), 392 pp.

It is an honor to recommend this book written by one of GSHA’s outstanding researchers, who is also a popular presenter at the Society’s genealogical conferences.

Her latest book is hot off the press and “sheds new light on the political obstacles, cultural conflicts, and institutional racism experienced by Hispano legislators in the wake of the legal establishment of the Territory of Colorado.” Sánchez is also the author of Forgotten Cucharenos of the Lower Valley and winner of the 2011 Miles History Award from the Colorado Historical Society and the 2018 Gilberto Espinosa Prize for Best Article in the New Mexico Historical Review.

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Foreigners in Their Native Land: Historical Roots of the Mexican Americans

By David J. Weber, Editor (University of New Mexico Press, 2004)

This book provides the much-needed historical perspective that is essential for a full understanding of the present. Dozens of selections from firsthand accounts, introduced by the editor's knowledgeable essays capture the flavor and mood of the Mexican American experience in the Southwest from the time the first pioneers came north from Mexico.

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