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A Mother's Day Story by Hilda Cardiel Ambriz

Updated: May 8, 2021

My mother, Micaela Castro Cardiel, and my mother-in-law, Mary Madrigal Ambriz, both shared a life goal that most people complete by the time they reach their 19th birthday - completing their education and receiving a high school diploma.

Both of them left high school, married at a young age, and started families. They raised families, and watched as their children completed their education.

My mom and Mary both returned to school, and earned their diplomas.

I was able to watch my mom walk across the Excelsior High School Auditorium in

1967 and Mary in 1978 as they reached a goal started many years past. This is a picture of my mother Micaela at her graduation. She passed away in 1971.

My mom started high school at Lincoln High school in Los Angeles, and Mary at Excelsior Union High School.

Mary recently celebrated her 94th birthday.

Both my mom and mother- in-law were able to show their families the importance of reaching a goal no matter your age.

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May 06, 2021

Hilda, a very inspiring story, Thank you


GSHA Secretary
GSHA Secretary
May 05, 2021

Hilda, thank you for your article. I enjoyed reading it.

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