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Mi India Doll Bank by Lynda Martin-Serrano

Updated: Apr 7, 2023


When I was a little girl my Uncle Rafael Sena bought me this cute, chubby Indian bank. He told me that the little Indian girl looked just like me; his Indian baby girl or "mi India." I was a chubby little girl when I was young.

See the pictures. LOL! He, of course, said it very lovingly.

I would put change in my Indian bank. One year I wanted to take my money out of my bank, and I had to use a knife to cut the hole bigger at the top of my bank. My poor bank still has the hole in her head. Ouch!!!! I always, always think of my Uncle Rafael Sena when I put my spare change in my doll bank. He was a very special uncle to me.

Well, I am almost 70 years old, I still have that Indian bank, and I still put my change in it for the year.

I have carried that Indian bank with me since I was little girl and would never, ever give it away.

You know, I never think, even to this day that there was anything meant racist, or that I was different from this doll bank, as I call it. I just loved it and I still do. Now, that I know that I am 43% Native Indian or Indigenous, it makes me even more happy.

I hope you enjoy my story and my pictures.

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