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I am Dianna (Sena) Aragon. I am the wife of John Danny Aragon. I would like to honor my husband John (Dan) Aragon, his father Arsenio Aragon; his uncle Felipe Aragon and Felipe Aragon’s grandson, Joel Felipe Aragon. All of these Aragon men served in the military.

John (Dan) Aragon was instrumental in starting the Avondale, Boone, and Pueblo County Veterans Foundation. He served as Founder and President for eighteen (18 years). John was so very, very proud of this organization. His wife Dianna and sons are continuing on with his legacy. This Foundation was one of the many organizations that John (Dan) determined was important to the Avondale, Boone and Pueblo County families. The mission of this foundation is: "Our mission is to honor all veterans of Pueblo County and beautify our community. We want to educate our children of the importance of Veterans and show them Freedom is not Free."

Left to right is Felipe Aragon and his brother Arsenio Aragon.

Joe Philip Aragon, U. S. Marine.

All of these Aragon men served their country with honor and dignity.

I salute all of my husband’s Aragon family members, and my Sena family.

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22 nov 2021

Dianna Thank you for your story, we are all proud of our Hispanic brothers and sisters who have served our nation.

Bob Craig

GSHA President

Me gusta
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