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Subject: The Sena – Martin Serrano Military Men

I would like to honor my father, Rolando Sena (U.S. Army Corp, WWW II); my brothers: Victor Sena (U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force (Ret.) and Paul Martin Sena (U.S. Air Force (Ret.); my cousin Gilbert Sena (U.S. Army), son of Jose Horacio Sena; and my uncle, Wilton Sena (U.S. Army). Also, my nephew Victor Andrew Sena, Jr. (U.S. Air Force), son of Victor Sena.

Our Hernan Martin Serrano family came as soldiers to New Mexico with the Don Juan de Onate Expedition in 1598. Hernan Martin Serrano (1556-aft 1626) Sargento Mayor, Captain. His first wife was Juana Rodriguez and he was also with Dona Inez (Tano Indian). I don't know if he was married to her. There are no records of this marriage.

Our family has continued to follow in the legacy of their ancestors. As well as many of the Martin Serrano descendants.

All of these men served in the military with honor and dignity.

I salute all of these men and all of my Martin Serrano family members. God Bless America and God Bless our Military.

Rolando Sena, U.S. Army Corp, stationed in the Phillipines. He looks so young. (My Mom's favorite picture of my dad.)

Rolando Sena, U.S. Army Corp. This picture was taken after he got out of the service. He looks older.

Victor Sena, U.S. Army/Vietnam and U.S. Air Force (Retired) and many other wars.

Victor Sena, Jr., U. S. Air Force.

Paul Martin Sena, U.S. Air Force (Retired), Vietnam and other wars.

Gilbert Sena, U.S. Army, served in Vietnam.

Wilton John Sena, U.S. Army.

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Nov 22, 2021

Thank you Lynda and Thank your family for their service and dedication, before and after the United States was established.

Bob Craig

GSHA President


Thank all your family for their Service and God Bless you ALL.


Thank all your family their Service to our Country. And Gob Bless YOU ALL

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