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Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies

Member Benefits

Updated January 15, 2020

Established in 1980, the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies (CCGS) is a non-profit organization addressing the needs and interests of the Colorado genealogical community through cooperation and support of the member organizations. CCGS is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. See our website for more information.

Four Quarterly Meetings

Speakers give presentations on informational topics and delegates from member societies share projects and seminar info and include useful tips from their societies. Meet in January, April, July, and October.

Volunteer of the Year Award

"The Birdie Monk Award" is given to an outstanding living individual, society, group, library, archive or other organization that has provided outstanding volunteer service to the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies or some area of genealogical service in Colorado. Nominations are due by October 1 of each year.

First Families of Colorado Recognition Program

Recognizes our pioneering Colorado ancestors in three categories: First Family (prior to 1861), Territorial (28 Feb 1861-1 Aug 1876) and Centennial (100 years prior to application date). Lineage must be proven through documentation. Certificates are suitable for framing.

David S. Vogels Award

David S. Vogels Award recognizes persons who have given outstanding service to the genealogical community. The nominee must be deceased for at least two years prior to the nomination. Deadline is December 1 every other year.

Zoom Teleconference Service

The Council offers their teleconference service to all members for FREE. Up to 100 users can participate in a Zoom meeting, which can be recorded and played back for later use on member’s website or the Council’s FREE Vimeo video service. Each member is responsible for their own laptop and video equipment plus video editing program. A broadband or Wi-Fi Internet connection is required. Registration of each society’s usage schedule is required 10 days in advance by all members to prevent duplicate dates and times. Contact the Council’s technical advisor (Bob Larson) for details and instructions.

Society Management Workshop

Our biennial Society Management Workshop provides management type classes for our member societies. The classes focus on helping member societies with management examples for their Board and committee chairs taught by experienced facilitators or instructors. Many exhibitors display their products and services providing many door prizes for the attendees. The next workshop is planned for the fall season of 2021.

Speakers Bureau

We provide a list of experienced genealogy speakers in Colorado regarding their expertise, credentials, lecture topics, contact info, and their fees. The list is updated twice each year.

Educational & Informational Videos

The Council provides two different video series on our website. The general genealogy series is hosted by our Certified Genealogist, Carol Cooke Darrow, located on our home page. The 30 to 60 minute management and general meeting videos are located in the Members only section.

Informational Website

Our website includes lots of information relating to the above topics with a monthly calendar of our member activities, educational or informational videos plus our secure members only section with member quarterly reports, important Council information, and speaker approved presentations.

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