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FACC Loses two Special Members

By Carmen Arteaga

FACC lost one of our dynamic members on May 2, 2020 due to COVID 19. Betty was 90 years old yet sharp as a tack and full of energy. She was very involved and active with our genealogy organization. She was a charter member having joined in 1989.

In photo Betty is in a period costume as she helped present for the Legacy Trunk Project sponsored by FACC. As part of this project, Betty would go out to schools and educate our children and community about our heritage which is a very important undertaking. The Legacy Trunk came about as part of our FACC mission to promote the history and culture of our people.

On her last birthday she gave all of us a lesson on the history of the FRAY AN-GELICO CHAVEZ CHAPTER of the GSHA and the Pueblo Heritage Museum. She truly was a library of information.

We will all miss her tremendously. I hope to be as lively as she was when I reach 90. She was such a joy. May she rest in peace.

CORINNE TAFOYA My heart still hurts knowing that we lost Corinne on May 21, 2020. Corrine was a very close friend to many of us and of course she was a fellow genealogy enthusiast. She had a heart attack and died a couple of days later at Parkview Hospital in Pueblo.

If you would see her on the dance floor, you would never know that she was 88 years old. She loved dancing and making sure that FACC would not forget the old dances like “La Varsoviana.” She was always in the mix when it came to singing out “las mananitas” for someone’s birthday.

Our "Dress As Your Ancestor" event will never be the same without her spirit and energy to get us going. In photo Corinne is in true form. She always helped many members get their period costume in order for the big event.

Corinne organized an FACC trip to Spain one year and was actually working on another with me. Rest in peace Corrine. Although, I know you are probably singing and dancing with the angels in heaven.

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