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I have five uncles who served in the military for the United States of America:

1. Leo O’Canas, served in the United States Air Force and was in the Korean War.

2. Johnny (Dan) O’Canas, served in the United States Army and was in Germany.

3. Albert O’Canas was in the United States Navy and was in Vietnam. He was responsible for patrolling rivers and canals on riverboats. Albert also was a Purple Heart recipient. He was instrumental in saving one of his buddies when they were ambushed.

4. Maximiliano (Max or Mike) O’Canas was in the United States Marines, once a Marine, always a Marine. (He taught me that!) He did two tours in Vietnam; first tour was with the 4th Marines and the second tour was with the 3rd Recon Battalion.

5. Alfred O’Canas, was in the United States Army he was stationed in Kansas.

Their parents, Epimenio and Rebecca (Madrid) O’Canas were so very proud of all five of their sons. I know that my Grandparents were so concerned when two of their sons, Albert and Max were both in Vietnam. They were so thankful that their youngest son did not have to go to Vietnam. Of course, they were also very, very thankful that all of their sons whom served the military came home safely.

Leo O'Canas, U.S. Army

Juan (Johnny) O'Canas, U. S. Army

On the left is Al O'Canas and Max O'Canas. They met up in Vietnam.

This is the type of Riverboat that Albert was on.

Max O'Canas, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!"

Alredo O'Canas, U.S. Army.

All of these men served in the military with honor and dignity.

I salute my uncles for being so brave and honorable by serving our country, “These United States of America.”

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