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Happy Mother's Day to my Daughter, my Mom, & all my Maternal Grandmother's by Corrinne & Lynda SEna

Updated: May 14, 2021

I am Corrinne Sena Natividad and I am one of five daughters of my mother Maria Deluvina Madrid Sena, also known as Della.

My sister, Lynda (Sena) Kouba has traced our maternal side back twelve generations. Our haplogroup on our maternal side is C1b11.

My Mother had me and my twin sister Yolanda September 24, 1954, La Junta, Colorado. Yolanda is on the left, my mother Della is in the middle and I am on the right. This picture was taken at our home in La Junta, CO.

My Mom and Dad did have five daughters and we always took pictures with daughters and Mom. This is one of my favorite pictures at our home at 1519 Ogden Ave., Pueblo, Colorado. It was our favorite home.

Left to right are: Eileen, Yolanda, Corrinne, Lynda, Dianna and mom Della.

My life as a twin-always has to include my twin sister, Yolanda. We are connected as twins forever.

Yolanda on the left and Corrinne on the right.

My beautiful daughter Justine Diana and me.

My granddaughters Angelina on the left and Mariana on the right.

The picture below is of my grandma Becky, playing a game at my sister Dianna's wedding shower in the late 1960s. Grandma Becky, my Mom and my Aunt Florence (O'Canas) Reyes would sit around and tell jokes (in Spanish) and laugh so loud that I would laugh. I had no idea what the jokes were in Spanish, but hearing them laugh would make me laugh. My Mom would try to translate the jokes in English, but it just was not the same.

I love this picture of Grandma Becky. She was having fun.

We spent a lot of time with Grandma Becky and her family visiting them in La Junta, Colorado and them visiting us in Pueblo, Colorado.

This is a picture of my Grandma Becky and my mom Della at our home at 1807 Comanche Road, Pueblo, Colorado. My Grandma and my Mom were very close. They instilled the importance of family to all of their children. We have a very close-knit family.

This is Abuelita Maria Refugio Encinias Madrid when she was young. She is my Great Grandmother.

This is her headstone, where she is buried in Springer, New Mexico.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Abuelita (Great Grandma) Refugio and my mom Della as she was known. We lived in Avondale, Colorado and this picture was taken in June of 1961. My Mom was thirty-four years old in this picture. Our house was next to a field in Avondale and we played in that field for hours and in our neighborhood. We knew just about everyone in our area, many of us were related and my parents had great friends in Avondale.

My Mom was raised by her Grandmother and knew her as Mom. She was raised with her biological Mom and knew her as sister. It was not until I was a teenager that my Mom told her children that her Mom Rebecca was young when she had her. Really, it was both of her Grandparents Refugio and Juan Madrid raised her as their own. My Mom always said she had a good life and she was blessed to have a good childhood.

My Mom would make us laugh when we would say that she was a "Sena" and she would say, "No, I am a "Madrid." She was proud of that.

I feel very blessed to have known my Great-Grandma, and my Grandma. I am also blessed to have wonderful pictures and wonderful memories of my family.

Listed below are twelve generations of the maternal women on my side of the family with their husbands names.

  1. Mariana and Angelina Galindo

  2. Justine Natividad

  3. Corrinne Sena

  4. Maria Deluvina Madrid and Rolando Sena

  5. Rebecca Madrid and Epimenio O'Canas

  6. Maria Refugio Encinias and Juan Madrid

  7. Maria Rita Salazar and Francisco Encinias

  8. Victoria Ortiz and Antonio Salasar or Salazar

  9. Maria Soledad Orioste and Jose Ygnacio Ortiz

  10. Maria Josefa Leyva/Leiba/Leyba and Jose Miguel Urioste/Orioste

  11. Maria de la Concepcion Martinez/Martin/Martin Serrano and Joseph Gregorio Leiva/Leiba/Leyba

  12. Polonia Rodriguez and Joachin/Joaquin Martinez

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