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Happy Mother's Day to My mom Eileen

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom, Eileen.

This is a picture of my mom, Eileen and me, Marissa.

Eileen Roseanne Sena, born in La Junta, Colorado, moved to the east coast in her mid-20’s and had three children. Her first child was Paul Thomas Klaas. He and his wife Crystal have three boys, Declan, Jude, and Silas. Her second child was Philip Matthew Klaas, and third was daughter; Marissa Eileen Klaas, born in New Jersey.

Our family grew by three additional boys, when Eileen married Philip (Phil) Loughnane, II, in 1997. Phil’s sons are: Rory, Patrick, and Philip III, Loughnane. Rory has a son named Harlon, he and Tiffany Bakos have a daughter named Lilah. Philip III and his wife Liz Loughnane have a son named Drew and a new baby girl on her way.

They have a total of seven grandchildren, so far!

This picture was taken at my wedding: Standing, left to right is my mom Eileen, my husband Jake, me (Marissa), and my stepdad, Phil.

While we would never be described as tall or lanky (like my great-great grandma Abelina Duran Fajardo), we don’t fall far from the description of boisterous and/or commanding. We may not have the same physical features as each other, but our mannerisms are almost identical. Our strong presence can change the temperature of a room. Our loyalty to each other doesn’t falter under circumstance.

The connection between “mother and daughter relationships” is the real generational wealth; it has nothing to do with finances, and yet everything to do with our souls.

“My mom, Eileen and Grandma Della had a very close relationship. They

laughed and cried together. My mom describes their relationship as always supporting each other and as best friends.”

This picture of Grandma Della was take around June 1997 and she passed away in June of 1998.

My grandmother, Maria Deluvina Madrid (Della) had a close relationship with my great-grandma, Rebecca (Madrid) O’Canas (Becky), and with my great-great grandma (abuelita), Maria Refugio (Encinias) Madrid.They were all very close and spent a lot of time together.

I feel very blessed to know that our family is able to trace our "maternal" side back 12 generations.

I love this picture of Grandma Della and me! I tried to imitate her look in this photo. My mom and her siblings, all say that I look like her. I can definitely see the resemblance, and everyone says that Grandma Della was a “BEAUTY!” She was a really great dancer. She and Grandpa Rolando loved to dance. They would lead the “LA MARCHA” at the wedding dances for family and friends.

In my family, it’s a generational trait to be independent women, to stand strong alone, or together as a family. The impact we have on each other cannot be described using the words of this world. We are strong in our faith, and know we have the responsibility to love unconditionally. We share our worldly home with adopted family from New Jersey. We laugh, cry, sing, dance, and we enjoy welcoming family and friends into our lives. Another long family history of tradition, is that family always comes first. People enjoy coming to our home for fun and non-judgmental acceptance in good times and in bad. With great awareness brings great tragedy, joy, grief, and love. To understand darkness and still be a light, will be our legacy, whether we are together or apart.

This is our blended family. This picture was taken in the mountains, when I got married to my husband Jake Valentine in Grandby, CO.

Starting from the left side of the picture:

Rory Loughnane and Tiffany Bakos,

Philip, III and Liz Loughnane, and son Drew,

Jennifer Bero and Philip Klaas,

Eileen (Sena) Loughnane,

Jake Valentine and Marissa (Klaas) Valentine,

Phil Loughnane, II,

Patrick Loughnane,

Crystal and Paul Klaas, standing in front of them are their sons: Declan, Silas and Jude

So, "Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms, grandmothers, pet moms, and those who are in heaven waiting for us on our next journey home!"

From our Sena, Klaas, and Loughnane families.

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