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I'M TINA OuR Newsletter Editor

As the new editor for the GSHA newsletter, I am looking for exciting new content for upcoming issues.

The newsletter that went out this week is about our informative GSHA conference; take advantage of the EARLY BIRD special and register before July 28! Not sure you can attend the day of the event – all speakers will be recorded for viewing later so you will not miss any speaker. Please note that only paid attendees will have access to the lectures after the conference is over.

And while you are there, I would love for you to think about the speakers and the topics. Which one gave out information that will help you in your research? Did you learn about a new database? Did you network online and meet a new cousin? A new friend?

The next newsletter is planned to go out by September. I would like to have you send me your stories, reviews, photos, etc. of the 2021 Conference. What did we do right? What can we do to make your experience better? Was the virtual conference something that you liked, or are you ready for in person networking and learning? We want to hear from you.

I am also looking for research tips and websites you have discovered. Here is one you may not know about - Cyndi’s List has taken over what Katherine Willson started in creating this list. I have used it often and it is a great way to meet others that are researching the same areas as you and share content – and maybe even photos!

As a side note, I am a board member of the Tennessee Genealogical Society and recently retired as the Germantown Regional History & Genealogy Library. I still visit the library often, so if you find you have family in the Tennessee area and need a lookup, please feel free to email me at

So, 1) register for the conference and 2) keep notes on the conference to share back with me at I would love to have a photo of you to go with your notes, but not mandatory.

Tina Sansone

GSHA Newsletter Editor

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Welcome aboard Tina. I am so happy that you joined our organization.

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