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The French Connection

Thursday January 14, 2021,

5 pm Mountain Time

From the Santa Fe Municipal Library

Story Telling and more from 400 years of exploration,

adventure, and influence

Happy Year 2021 to all!

Thank you to the Santa Fe Public Library for hosting me to speak about my book, The French in New Mexico.

Thank you to those who have already bought the book, welcome to everyone.

I will be giving a talk, followed by discussion, interaction, and friendship, on January 14 at 5pm.

It will focus on telling a few amazing stories, old times name dropping, and sharing amazing "factoids," with a very quick look at the last 400 years (a saga that can be glimpsed on my website, and is of course fully developed in the book).

Please click here to sign-up at the Santa Fe Municipal Library website.

Yours in friendship, amitiés, and cordial saludos,

François-Marie Patorni

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