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The Lost Communities of Navajo Dam

In the early 1960s, Navajo Dam, displaced many communities in northeast San Juan County, northwest Rio Arriba County and southwest Colorado. Patricia Boddy Tharp interviewed many who were displaced from their homes and ranches and has written a second volume. The first first volume, 48 pages, was about the community of Los Martinez.

This second volume, 110 pages, is about Los Pinos, Rosa, and Los Arboles. They include many personal photos of the families that were displaced. The books are published by the San Juan County NM Historical Society and can be ordered for

Santa Rosa Church on Jan 22, 1912. Courtesy of Ramond Gallegos.

$10 each plus postage. Postage: Vol I $1.60, Vol II $2.20, or one copy of each $2.89. They can be ordered by calling 505-334-7136, emailing or writing to the society at P.O. Box 1252, Aztec, NM 87410-1252.

Here is a YouTube video with the author, Patricia Tharp, being interviewed:

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My Grandmother was Leonor Chavez, born June 19, 1885, in New Mexico. She died March 12, 1932, in Hot Springs, SD. My Grandfather was Esquipula Gallegos, born in Ruidoso, New Mexico, December 7, 1884.

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