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This Old Radio

I am a 1940’s Zenith Console Radio, Chassis, Model 1005, Watts 95, Volts 117. I am now 81 years old.

To the left is how I looked when Martin delivered me to Lynda's home.

Now, I am gutted. My speaker cloth has been removed and I'm naked!!!!

However, I am starting to take shape.

My owners were the “SENA” Family. I was bought, and then landed up in the Herculano and Flora Sena household. I probably lived in Pintada and Santa Rosa New Mexico, as well as Fountain, Pueblo, and La Junta, Colorado.

The Sena family would turn me (the new radio) on and I would play country western music, while they would dance, sing and have a great time. I only played AM music. I’m sure they drank many a beers, whiskey, and tequila during this time while they were partying and having fun.

The daughters of the family, Ida and Donila, said that their brother, Wilton, could play the piano. So, Wilton would play the piano, with the country music playing in the background, and they would all dance and have fun.

My new owner, Lynda, said that her brother, Victor, was her grandpo Herculano and grandma Flora’s first grandson. Victor stated that when he was little, he would crawl on me, as I had little steps. Well, not really steps, but openings for him to step on with his baby feet, (actually, my front grill). He stated that his mom and dad would scold him and tell him to get off the radio. Then his grandpo and grandma would tell his son and daughter in-law to leave Victor alone! He said that I was Victor's radio and that Victor could do whatever he wanted.

When my owners, Herculano and Flora, moved from La Junta, Colorado, on June 30, 1956, they gave me to their son Rolando. Rolando then gave me to Victor when he and Della, his wife, downsized and moved to a smaller home. Victor, then gave me to his brother Martin. He, too, had downsized and didn’t have room for me.

Well, in 2020, Martin gave this old radio (me) to his sister, Lynda.

Lynda decided to refurbish this old radio that has been in the Sena family for at least 81 years. I am now considered a “Vintage” radio.

I like my new home; and although I do not play music like I did in the old days, my new owners, Lynda and Rory, like having me displayed in their home.

My previous owners’, Herculano and Flora, would be so happy to know that their granddaughter Lynda Sena, and her husband Rory Kouba, like having me around.

Lynda will keep me around until it’s time to give me to her great-nephew Levi Sena-Montoya. She wants to keep me in the family for a very, very long time.

I look pretty good now:

I have been stained, have a new cloth cover for the grill, and I am displayed proudly in my new home.



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2 commentaires

13 juil. 2021

What a wonderful story from an old radio's point of view.

I too remember me and by brother listening to Roy Rogers on Saturday mornings. I so wish I had that old radio today.


Jeanette Fisher
Jeanette Fisher
11 juil. 2021

Lynda, I love, love, love the way you wrote this from the radio's viewpoint! Excellent idea and what a beautiful restoration!

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